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Silver meridian / Baiyinzhongtian Co., Ltd.

    Silver zhongtian chemical co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as silver zhongtian)State is the original ministry of nuclear industry 279 factory,In2004Through effective asset restructuring and founded。In2012Years7Month4Day,According to the national industrial structure adjustment policy and listed companies Do - Fluoride Chemicals Co., ltd. completed the capital and share cooperation,Become a private holding company、Holdings in mixed ownership enterprise,Is the Do - Fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd. Holding subsidiaries。Company is located in baiyin, gansu province jingyuan, the Yellow River。Cover an area of an area400Mu,Is apart from the provincial capital of lanzhou150Kilometers,Company use of railway private sidings by Bai Bao line,Highway109Crossing the line from the company before,The transportation is convenient,Is rich in water resource。
    Silver zhongtian main products are"Nuclear star"High purity cryolite、High-performance anhydrous aluminum fluoride...


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  • 2019In the first quarter of environmental information disclosure

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  • Don't forget to cast his mind loyalty Unswervingly follow the party

    5Month17Monday morning,To thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit,Improve the party branch construction,To further improve...

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  • Its labor union held a hula hoop race

    In order to further active working atmosphere,All the staff members amateur rich cultural life,The construction of a harmonious enterprise。Transit union in silver5Month15Day、16Monday afternoon for two days...

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  • Cherish green life Zhongtian building appeal

    In April of the northwest,The sun is shining,The awaken of spring is abundant。16On the afternoon,Silver zhongtian group members、League members and employees62People in the factory area compulsory tree planting,With his own...

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  • The company of all the second committee(To expand)The meeting

    4Month12On the afternoon,Silver zhongtian company organization2019In the second committee plenary(To expand)The meeting,The company secretary of the party committee Xu Ming to attend the meeting and delivered a speech...

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