About usThe star

    The star is Lin an city, one of the big enterprise group。
    The star“Good faith,Work seriously”The management idea and“Do only、Doing fine、And stronger”The development of the strategy,Persistent products and technology innovation,Adhere to strict quality management,Small parts of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor—The largest aluminum shell do national and global production,Set the rich mold、Mechanical design and manufacturing experience and a number of patents and form the star technology and quality、Environmental assurance system,To ensure excellent product and service,For the domestic and foreign well-known major capacitor manufacturers supporting,And exported to southeast Asia、Europe and the United States and other countries and regions。
    The star aluminum sheet with foil production equipment mainly for the domestic similar type leading level,The key test equipment introduced from abroad,To ensure the quality of detection,Can satisfy the customer to the thickness of the product、Accuracy and performance requirements。