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Our sales is not only a steel tube,But also the service!Welcome new and old customers call to inquire,The company will win-win cooperation with you,Creates magnificently!

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Flux smelting iron and steel co., LTD., for the overwhelming majority of customers with seamless tube、Alloy tube、Line pipe、Tube at low temperature、Thick wall seamless steel tube、American standard steel pipe、High pressure boiler tube、Fertilizer special tube、Oil cracking pipe steel pipe exports distribution, etc、Packing、The commodity inspection、Customs declaration、Export slip、Voucher、License for the record, such as one-stop service。...  [In more detail]
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The phone:0635-5155186
Contacts:Lou manager
A mobile phone:150-2061-1810
The mailbox:1005491592@qq.com
Address:Liaocheng in shandong province economic development zone, huitong logistics park innovation building wisdom809Room
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Chengdu seamless steel pipe

Hubei new metallurgical steel co., LTD

Baotou steel group co., LTD

Tianjin iron and steel co., LTD
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