XuanchengCity food co., LTD. Was established in new century2005Years,The companyThe totalThe department is located inIt happenedChina's four treasures of the studyTownship”Good reputationXuancheng,The companyCover an area of an area2WanSquare meters,The existing staff180People,ProfessionalTechnical personnel28People,The company hasCountriesWithin the standardGrainM productsProductionLine andAdvancedProductionEquipment。

After years of endeavor and strive constantly to grow,Gradually set up its own brand,Food industry has become a household name。The company has a strong production、Technology、Sales team and mature management mode,In the service of all kinds of hotel restaurants,With the basis of rigor,Determines the eternal law of brand to create value。

Xuan city food co., LTD was built in the new century2005Years8Month,Located in anhui province east shuidong xuan city water。The company covers an area of about2Million square meters,The existing staff180More than one,The annual output reaches8Be sure。

Food is mainly engaged in rice crust in the new century、Candied fruit、Eggs dry, etc. Series product sales,The crispy rice series products are the king of crystal crisp rice crust in the new century、Crystal rice crust、Peasant rice crust、Glutinous rice crust、Millet rice crust、Spicy rice crust、Different species such as egg yolk rice crust,Preserves main to have a reunion、Longevity dates、Jade dates、Orchid dates、Heart jujube cheese、Crystal date, etc,Eggs do series of maotai-flavor eggs dry、Chop bell pepper eggs dry, etc. Different species。

Focusing on traditional food in the new century,Combining traditional food and modern production technology,Not only for rice crust、Preserves the making craft of traditional food such as inheritance development,And open up more broad market for local products in the south of anhui。The company has a number of years engaged in rice crust、Jujube production master,Rich experience,The rice crust、Jujube food such as strictly control the production,Make rice crust、Glazed date etc. Keeps a traditional flavor of food,Based on the more try,Produce more accord with modern social consumer tastes different kinds of products。

  • The national tour of rice crust Electricity on poverty alleviation through agricultural products on the road

    “At first I didn't know that,Home-made rice crust,To be able to sell to so many provinces and municipalities。”11Month7On the afternoon,On their own“Workshop”Busy in jin 'an district ShiQiao town wu group of villagers Wu Weigang bunds,Joy from the heart。

  • Xuancheng water east jujube tourism festival held successfully

    “Xuanzhou to meet,Feeling is sweet”。In the grand memory of comrade xiaoping inspect huangshan30The anniversary,Celebrate the founding of new China60Anniversary of the important historical moment,In China“Chinese valentine's day”The coming valentine's day,Sponsored by the xuan city people's government,Xuanzhou district people's government、Xuan city tourism undertaking of China“Chinese valentine's day”And the second valentine's day in China·Xuancheng water east jujube tourism festival8Month26The morning of the grand opening。



Xuan city food co., LTD. In the new century

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The ground The address:Xuan city in anhui province east shuidong xuanzhou district of water

Net The address:www.aoshiba.cn

Crispy rice series in the new century
In the new century candied fruit series
In the new century eggs dry series