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Changle hong ding new building materials co., LTD is a professional committed to the heat shield product research and development、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of technology innovative production enterprises;The company after nearly5Years of rapid development,Now owns a number of highly qualified management、Production and technical personnel and sales service team,Has rapidly developed into the domestic outstanding leading enterprise in the industry of new building materials heat shield。The company actively response to the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy...

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  Banyan ding card heat insulation aluminum plate with sound insulation、Heat insulation、Waterproof fire prevention、Antifreeze acidproof alkali、Resistance to high temperature、High-strength anti-cracking,No radiation pollution etc。Color than ordinary steel heat insulation8Degrees,Life is ordinary products1To2Times。Product sales across the country,Asean countries for export。Is big、In the、Small micro、Enterprise、Industry、By the construction of first choice。

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Banyan ding card heat insulation construction built figure color aluminum instance

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